book for my life?

I got a present from a friend of mine. It's a book appropriatley titled the purpose driven life: what on earth am i here for?. I was a bit taken back at first because i never really expected her to give me something (a book) of that sort. Don't get me wrong, i really appreciate the thought of it but it's just that there are a couple of issues that I don't like with regards to these types of books. The following are some of the issues that make me hesitant to read it...

* I don't like living my life based on someone else's point of view.

* Most, if not all, of the ideas in the book are centered toward Christian teachings. I don't have anything against Christian teachings or Christianity as a whole because I was brought up as Christian myself. What I don't like about this idea/concept is the implication that for one's life to have a purpose, one has to follow Christian teachings which I think is wrong in so many ways.

* Even the title is somewhat misleading. It implies that this book will guide you in finding purpose/meaning in your life but as for me, life can only have purpose/meaning by living it as you see fit. Life should be embraced in all its entirety and not taking out things that you don't like and putting in the things that you like.

Anyway, these are just first-impressions. I'm still curious about what's inside and I would like to read this book. I just hope I'd have enough guts to go past at least the first ten pages.

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