poetic armory for the bored

Today, I came across two extremely hilarious poems.

This one is about ipod shuffle.
here are some of my favorite lines:

" I hungrily sat down to start
My iPod shuffle à la carte."
He growled to me in tones satanic
I’d soon be dead of kernel panic,"
"I saw within some colored blobs
The floating face of old Steve Jobs!"


This one is not exactly a poem but it's close enough.
here are some of my favorite lines:

"It's like 10,000 snacks when all you need is a drink.
Like getting drunk at a bar and then puking in the sink.
And isn't it gin and tonic...don't you think."
"It's like 10,000 joints, when you need a mutherfuckin bong.
Like poppin' a cap in someone's ass, when you're cruisin' along.
And isn't it The Chronic...don't you mutherfuckin' think?"
It's like cleaning out your system, back end first.
It's having an herbal enema till your colon bursts.
Isn't it high colonic...don't you think?"

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