random bleeps

The year had just started, it's barely two months but a lot of things have been coming up unexpectedly. I don't exactly know where to start so i'll just blurt out stuff as they come.

** People i know (close friends) are either having kids or getting married. Well for the majority,
the second one is just the result of their first uh... activity.

**They're(management) planning to give us a new project by March. I'm honestly not excited about the whole thing. As for me, it's the same candy with a different wraper.

**background: Our company requires new intakes to undergo training before they are given projects. Instead of hiring full time training facilitators, management chose to let current employees (that means us) to facilitate the training.
The training isn't going well. Right now they're task is to finish their "mini-project" but the problem is I don't think that they can do it on time. I guess part of it is my fault.

**A friend of mine was recently hired by a little known graphics company. He was offered 35K/month. Now that is just suh-weeeet.

**A friend of mine from work who also happens to be someone I'm sharing an apartment with along with three other friends is going to resign. I've heard vague and half-baked rumors about why he has decided to do it but I don't want to draw conclusions just yet. He's been aloof lately and I really think that he's in serious shit. He still haven't talked to us about it. Although I don't expect him to talk to us about it right now, I still think he should tell us at some point. Afterall, the four of us have been living in the same apartment for almost three years now.

**I've been going out drinking every weekend for the past 3 weeks. I think I should slow down a bit.

**There's someone...(Wala lang)

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