OSSA (rant)

I was able to attend an Open Source conference last week and it was unfortunately disappointing. Before I go on to the gory details, I just wanna give a little background of the said conference. The conference was sponsored by a couple of local private comapnies who benefit from open source software along with government agancies like Department Of Science and Technology, CVisNet and headed by the Open Source Software Association - Philippines or OSSA.

It was such a big disappointment on my part because I was hoping to learn more about open source but instead the organizers simply made presentations of existing open source software and showed all of us how "cool" they were and that they were "unbelievably FREE!". So naturally I was like, WTF! I mean, the food was really great and all but they were blurting out all sorts of crap from day one to day two. Who cares if they're free? Who cares if they're cool? Give me a break! I know how to read manuals, you don't have to read it for me. Why should I listen to you guys? I was really hoping to learn and clarify certain issues about the processes involved in developing open source software. As it turns out, I spent two days sitting my ass off waiting for my seat to burn. They should've named it "open source software demo 101" or "open source software demo for dummies".

To all you guys at OSSA: eat shit you needle-dick mother fuckers!!

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