software development shit cycle

We are currently brainstorming for our new project and as expected, things are quite messy. I guess conflicts are inevitable when you're working in a group. For me, it's really inetersting because I get to see how my groupmates deal with stress. So here are my observations so far...

the quitter - "bye bye... I'm not working with you! I quit!"
the silent type - *silence*
the dictator - "you do this or else... off with your head!"
Mr. Einstein - "you stupid idiots!"
the indecision maker - "uhhhh... ahhhh... hmmmm... ok"
sleepy head - *zzzzZZZZZZZ*
airhead - dosen't have the slightest idea what he's doing
horny bitch - "this meeting is boring... let's flirt and talk about sex."
the hopeless problematic - "he(the quitter) is quiting... our project is doomed. Oh no!"

Well, so far that was it. It's been a week since we started and I'm quite surprised that all of us are still breathing.

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