cebu *slash* CDO and vice versa

I've always been asked "Where are you from?". It's a very straightforward question and people would always expect a straightforward answer. As for me, I hate being asked this question. It makes me stutter because I can't really give a straightforward anwer. Here's why...

I was born in CDO(Cagayan de Oro). Right after my first birthday my family moved to Cebu(which is an eight-hour ferry boat ride from CDO) where I spent the next 13 years of my life. Before I turned 14, we(my family and I) were having some "problems" so my parents decided that the best thing to do is to move back to CDO, which we did. I spent most of my high school years at CDO. After I graduated form high school I was hoping to move back to Cebu for college but it never happened. I spent my entire college years at CDO and so, right after I graduated I landed on a job at... Cebu. So now I'm currently in Cebu working my ass off for about 4 years now. All in all I've lived in CDO for 8 years and the rest I've spent living in Cebu. Even though I've lived in Cebu much longer, I speak, act and think like a true blooded Cagay-anon. Maybe because I lived there while I was a teenager and I guees it was during those times where I sort of figured out who I am. (can't believe I've just said that)

By now, I think you sort of have an idea why I hate answering this question. It sucks when I have to enumerate certain life events just to answer a very simple question while other people can just reply with one word. Whenever I'm in the mood, I don't mind blurting out the whole story but there are times when I don't feel like talking so I just make improvised answers. Like, if I'm in CDO and somebody askes me where I'm from, I'd say that I'm from Cebu -and- if I'm in Cebu I simply tell him or her that I'm from CDO, just to make the conversation as short as possible. I wish there was a word or phrase that can describe my situation so that if next time someone asks me "Where are you from?", I can just say cebu *slash* CDO or CDO *slash* cebu or something similar. *sigh*



governor nathan said...

i can relate to that...i have to give a bit of history why i came from Davao/Cdo/Malaybalay... hehe

matt said...

i grew up in cdo but studied high school in davao.

bisan bisaya tanan, naa gihapon ginagmay na kala-inan. lahi ang bisaya sa cebu from cdo from davao from butuan from ozamiz.