I was hospitalized for four days last week. I had rubella, commonly known as german measles. I'm 24 years old so that makes me 15 to 20 years late for this virus. According to this article, children are most likely to catch this virus but lately people like myself , "young unimmunized adults", are commonly hit. U-N-I-M-M-U-N-I-Z-E-D. I should blame my parents for this. Just kidding... I'm OK now so no worries.



matt said...

i know how it is to get measles and it definitely sucks. i got infected during the last few weeks of high school (16 years old). i got bedridden for a week and i was in davao (far from the comfort of home and family).

it was one of the reasons why we weren't able to finish our senior thesis on time.

bleepster said...

For me, it wasn't really that bad. At least I had a good excuse to not show up for work. P^_^P