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I've heard a lot of great reviews on George Lucas' Star Wars Episode III. So great it makes my ears bleed from all the praising. The movie wasn't entirely bad but I guess some people tend to overrate it just because it's directed by George Lucas. We'll guess what? This page will definitely give you a different perspective on this movie.

While we're on the subject of movies, I was able to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith this week and it had all the aspects of a totally entertaining movie. It would have been more entertaining if they didn't cut some of the scenes, specially that part when Mr. and Mrs. Smith were trying to you know... kiss and makeup. Clearly, this is MTRCB's work. That's what they do... strengthen the "moral fiber" of this country by censoring good movies. Nice work guys!

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Regarding the scenes cut from Smith... I've heard that it was the studio's decision. Apparently the rumored love affair between Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan ruined a movie they made together. They feared the same thing will happen to this movie, so they cut the ultra-hot love scenes. Why would the studio think that? Beats me.