Microsoft Word for dummies

We're currently doing a new project so it's basically in the brainstorming*slash*analysis phase. Because of that, we regularly exchange copies of our design documents back and forth, through email, to our japanese counterparts for approval but most of the time for corrections and modifications. Anyway, we're currently using the mind-boggling Microsoft Word format for our documents. Yup, you read that right... M-I-N-D-B-O-G-G-L-I-N-G. Mind-boggling because the entire document looks really awful on the other end while it looks completely fine when I view it on my laptop or on my groupmate's PC. Mind-boggling because of all the documents that we send back and forth, only one particular document gets fucked up while all the rest are completely fine. We spent about an entire afternoon trying to fix the document but the mind-boggling-ness of the oh so popular Microsoft Word format prevailed. At the end of the day, we realized that we were just too dumb to use Microsoft Word because it is a very complicated tool that must be handled carefully by geniuses at par with the ones who made it the way it is today. At last, we all decided to remedy the problem by not using Microsoft Word format when exchanging documents. Instead, we opt to use PDF because it's something a dumb-ass like myself can easily handle. End of story.

Oh, and by the way. Richrad Stallman wrote something about how We can put an end to Word Attachments. I hope you guys check it out.



mbaluyos said...

hmm... that's weird. must be because you guys are using different encoding formats (iso-8859 here while it's utf-8 there or some sort of japanese encoding).

in any case, PDF is probably better.

audienceone said...
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audienceone said...

On Stallman's article: I have read this awhile back and found it to be sensible. I remember saying to myself that I would like to help spread the word about this, and quite honestly, I now prefer the wordpad generated .doc than the winword .doc

Another alternative is to use Open Office instead of Microsoft office. But then again, pdf solves most of our MS Office compatibility and display issues.