movie blues

I love watching movies but unlike most people I know, the love is around only when I'm alone. For me, watching a movie is one of the very few ways where I can relax and forget about work. I have had many experiences where my movie-watching was totally and utterly ruined because I had to go and watch it with my friends.

It's common knowledge that watching the movie right from the start is definitely better than starting at the middle. So if you watch a movie by yourself then you woudn't have any time constrained problems. But I guess living in a not so perfect world means that there are not-so-perfect-people. AND since there are not-so-perfect-people then you have got to have not-so-perfect-friends and these not-so-perfect-friends are those that have either no concept of time or no concept of the word "shut-up". So how can you enjoy a good movie when it has already started fifteen minutes ago but your still outside the cinema waiting for one of your not-so-perfect-friend to show up? But that's not it. There's this other one who just can't stop yapping. yeah. The one that's just blessed with a very flexible jaw and a non-stop supply of saliva. How can you listen to the conversations in the movie when the one beside you is talking to himself and narrating everything that he sees. I can enumerate more of these "bad-trip" experiences but I guess you all get the point.

Am I cursed with bad irritating company? My friends are cool and all but I just don't think they're the ones you like to be with when you're watching a movie. On the other hand, maybe it's just me and my loner-leave-me-alone personality that's making a whole fuss about very trivial things like these and blowing them up in immeasurable proportions. Uhhh... right now, I'm running out of words and I feel that I still haven't made my point, so I'll just blurt it all out. "If you want to watch a movie and enjoy, go by yourself".


Xavier said...

Heh, I feel kind of bad, because I'm usually the one in a group of friends that is always talking during a movie. For some reason I unintentially repeat things that people say which I consider funny. It annoys the crap out of people so I try not to, but it's bad habit.

My buddy Emily is hardcore about movies, so I love going with her. But sometimes I talk to much and she gets pissed off...But I try to be good, because I always know that I can go see a movie with her. same with Desiree.

Maybe you just need to make a whole bunch of friends that are in film students. They'll be serious enough to not interupt and be there for showings on time. But whenver I got with Emily, we always have to stay for the credits. But even that's kinda good, cuz there's usually really cool scenes afterwards that 99% of the people missed, because they didn't stay. :P

mbaluyos said...

yup. as xavier said, it may be nice to see the movie with like-minded people who really know how to appreciate movies.

i've always thought of myself as a movie buff (i'm into foreign/art filmas and anything else not corrupted by hollywood bullshit) and i always try to watch movies by myself. that way, i get to appreciate the movie more.

there's also that annoying habit of people leaving their chairs whenever the credits start rolling. people should at least *respect* and show appreciation to those that made the film (whether it sucks or not). it was actually raymond red who commented on that (if you don't know who he is, his short film "anino" won the palme d'or in the cannes film festival a few years ago).

bleepster said...

It's partly my fault because I agreed to go out with them. I guess it just goes to prove that people are really really different AND I think I need to lighten up on the subject matter a little bit. hehehehehehe... At least I know I got friends I can hang out with.