watcha-gonna-do2x when they come for you?

I recently came across a very peculiar website. It's called The International Association for The Advancement of Criminal Activity or IAACA. I have to say, these guys went straight to the point when they named their organization or whatever it is. At first glance, I assume that this website is basically a forum for, well, all types of "criminals" discussing their criminal activity. It's sort of like a forum for baking but instead of exchanging recipes, they're probably exchanging tips on how to, I don't know, steal credit card numbers or maybe they provide tips on how to extort money from business establishments. Who knows? Anyway, I really coudn't help myself and my curiosity was killing me. So I tried to register but the site says its registration is closed until July 30, 2005. Damn it! I can't wait! I swear I'm going to register as soon as it's available. I just hope I wouldn't be disappointed.

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