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I've been watching a new TV series called "The Inside"(thanks to the guys with TiVo, who made extra effort in recording and sharing these files on the internet). I've got four episodes on my hard drive and I've seen about three of them already and I really really like it. The lead actress, Rachel Nichols, plays a profiler for the FBI. Her character, Rebecca, is pretty much like Clarisse on "Silence of the Lambs". You know, pretty, very intelligent and most of all, has a haunting past the she tries to forget and overcome. I also think that Rachel Nichols acts Jodie Foster-ish in absolutely all aspects. Although, it's apparent that she's hotter than Jodie. So basically, "The Inside" is kinda like "Silnce of the Lambs" minus Sir Anthony Hopkins.

I've just finished reading "Neverwhere" by Niel Gaiman. I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this one more than "American Gods". The book is shorter, the story is more fast-paced and you don't need to know a lot about mythological gods, ancient religions or things related to them. Anyway, Gaiman rocks!

To say that Audioslave's new album, Out of Exile, is definitely worth listening to would be an understatement. All tracks are great. Period. Their songs are lyrically poetic and no words can accurately describe their sound. I've been audioslaved after listening to this album.


ric said...

"Gaiman rocks!"

sounds like gay men rock...hehe!

bleepster said...

well, it's really pronounced that way. as in "gay-man". =)