moving out and moving in

I can't think of a good word to describe my current situation. You see, I "moved out" of my old apartment and of course, I'm moving in on a new one. However, the "moved out" part is still partial because I still haven't actually moved all my things out. I started transfering my things last Saturday which means that I have roughly half of my things in my new place and half of it are still left in the old apartment. I plan to finish(I hope) the "moving out" this weekend.

Before you try asking any questions, I'd just like to say something. This goes out to those who know me and my "house-mates". I hate pinoy big brother. The only consolation I get from watching it is that I get to see Casandra's nice-cute-morena ass. Well, not all of it but I'm a very imaginative fellow, so believe me when I say that it's nice, it's cute and it's unquestionably morena. I'm digressing so let's get back to the topic. First of all, I'd just wanna say that I didn't leave my old apartment because I have some bitter grudges against my "house mates". Second of all, my "house mates" are my friends and I'm probably surely gonna miss them. You know what? If I say "house mates" again, I swear to God I'll bang my head on the floor. I left simply because I've always wanted to live on my own. Luckily, after four long years, I was able to save up enough moolah to rent my own place. I may sound a bit defensive about why I left, but honestly, that's that.

So here I am, again, not sure if I did the right thing. But - like all single, twenty-five year old computer geek wannabe, who is easily stereotyped by other people as a loner slash weirdo and is often thought of as somebody who jerks off while listening to "emo" songs - I AM HOPEFUL that things will all turn out OK.

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4trackmind said...

You are a loner / weirdo.

Aside: I feel you. I am also saving up to finally live on my own. I don't hate my roommates either. And Cas really does have a nice morena ass.