a blunt update

I've been working like a full pledged peon for the past three weeks - including Saturdays and Sundays. I'm Okay. Really.
[insert cute smiley face here]

I'm expecting to do another interview sometime next week. But, unlike the other interviews that I've metioned in my previous post, this one is THE interview. I've been wanting to work "there" ever since I've heard about "them" - not very cryptic, am I? This could be my oppurtunity to to work on a project that I'm really really - did I mention really? - passionate about. Peons have feelings too, you know?

On another note. I haven't been doing my Ruby. I could use my working-like-a-peon-for-the-past-three-weeks as an excuse, but nah... I guess I'm just lazy.

I'm really tired and I'm not sure if what I wrote was coherent enough for non-Peons to digest. So, this is all for now. I'll post something a bit worthwhile some other time.


Carl M. said...

I don't know what to say, so I'll just say, "may the Force be with you"...

4trackmind said...

Which company is that Urlaps? :P