A long way down

I had fun reading this book. That there is an understatement.

It's all about four completely different people who, cioncidentally, met on top of a building because all four of them wanted to kill themselves. But things didn't go as they've planned - maybe suicide is like taking a piss... it's hard to go when there's someone watching. So instead, they decided to "postpone" their plans and along the way, they ended up helping each other out.

The thing that I like about the book is that even if it's about suicide(totally serious shit), the author - Nick Hornby - successfully squeezed in just the right amount of humor. "Right amount" as in every page kind of right amount. Also, it's written in the first person. So you get to read each of the character's first hand impressions and thoughts, which I think is cool because I've never read anything that was written this way before. As for me, I was sort of under the impression that I was reading blog posts of four suicidals.

I know that talking about how a particular book made you feel is just so boring. And corny. And cheesy. And typical. And... so I'm going to do just that. Here it goes: You see, every person had at one point thought about suicide (We somehow have this impression that wanting to kill yourself is crazy. I tend to think otherwise. People who haven't contemplated on commiting suicide are the ones who are crazy. Either that or they're just hypocritical wussies). You know, one of those what-if moments (like what if I was rich or what if I hooked-up with Britney Spears or what if I was the ONE) that you have while your, ummm... taking a shower or when your sulking in your room, etc... But anyway, my point is, everyone can easily relate to the story (I need to stop using cliches). To me, it's basically a life affirming story. Go ahead and read it to see what I mean.


ric said...

Suicide eh? Maybe I need to read this book. I'll check it out. =D

Carl M. said...

I still have books that are gathering dusts in my bookshelf that I needed to finish reading. So I guess I won't be able to "go ahead" and read this one anytime soon...