ego the size of memory required to run windows

I work in a place called "I.T. Park". By the sound of it, you can immediately say that the person -OR- people who named this place definitely had no idea what they were doing. This is supposed to be the Information Technology center of the city. And, contrary to everything that they have hoped for, a huge percentage of the companies in this place aren't I.T. related. A huge chunk of the population of this area is composed of Call Centers - YES! "Mabuhay Philippines! How may I help you?"

The thing is, porgrammers, are a minority in this part of town. Because of that, they are commonly mistaken as call-center agents by outsiders. For them(outsiders), if you're working in I.T. Park, then you must be one of those mabuhay-philippines-how-may-I-help-you peons, who work at graveyard shifts, spending most of their hours talking to old foggies who can't distinguish a cdrom drive from a cup holder. Anyway, most programmers have huge egos. I have been working with these people for the passed five years, so, I know. Most of them consider themselves an elite. You know, they're supposed to be those quiet, mysterious, soft-spoken but deeply clever people (total B.S., that's for sure). So, whenever they are accidentaly mistaken as call-centers agents, their eyes will always turn red and their nostrils... fuming with embers from hell. It's hilarious. (I'm an exception since I'm the one writing this post)

To all of you out there, if you happen to be around "I.T. Park" and you happen to meet one of these snob, condescending programmers... put on your best smile and ask them, "What call center do you work for?" Then, you'll see what I mean.


Carl M. said...

Haha... Sure ka nga wala kay labot anang mga "elite" Earl ha? Hehe... Kulba ra ba kaayo nang "programmer" working for "infoweapons". Whoa! :)

bleepster said...

great... my name and the place where I work. =)