I always feel the need to write about something during the first day of the year. It's my one big "Happy New Year!!!" shoutout to the whole internet.

There's a part of me that wants to post something dramatic that happened in the passed year, and then, put some sort of cliched realization at the end (I happen to know some people doing this every New Year's day). But to me, posting something like that is next to Mr. Useless and sits just before Mrs. Lame. First of all, nothing significant ever happens to me, so the whole posting-something-dramatic thing would only leave me at a blank. Second, even if I had something to post, like a tragic love story -OR- overcoming prostate cancer -OR- my experiences while I adopted a starving infant in Africa, people wouldn't care. So why bother?

Another part of me wants to post something that I'm supposed to look forward to this year. But that wouldn't work eiher. It's just like those pesky New Year's resolutions that you make, which, are just that - resolutions. Because at the end of the year, you just end up not doing them at all.

Basically, there's really nothing new for me this year.

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