I've been receiving a handful of comments(about my blog) from people(whom I know personally) these passed few weeks. Some send me email while a certain few chose to blurt it all out in public. All these started because of this guy.

Hearing other people's comments about what I write is weird - it's embarrassing but at the same time flattering. However, my innate cynical point of view is telling me that people are either telling the truth or just stroking my ego. Honestly, I think the latter bares more truth. But, that's just me. I can't tell other people how to react on what I write. Even if I could, I won't.

Anyway, I'd still post entries as if nobody is reading. This was how I started this blog and it's going to remain that way. I'm sure anybody with a reading comprehension of a five-year old retard would have a great time reading my posts.


Aldion said...

hahah! :)

sorry gyd kaayo urly!

unsay ayo doh? hehe :)

bleepster said...

buang lang gihapon... hehehehe.

himantayon said...

daghan na ta :)..