We all know that our universe has LOTS of stars. Adding one more to the list doesn't make a difference.

Have you noticed that almost every month, scientists publish new discoveries of a planet or a star "in a galaxy far away"? I'm subscribed to a couple of science news groups like National Geogrphic, Cosmic Variance, Science Daily Headlines, Scientific American, etc... so I get browse these articles in a ragular basis. It was fun reading at first. But now, these types of so-called discoveries are beginning to reveal a pattern.

You see, at the end of every article, they try to explain how "this is just a start" and that this "discovery" might lead us to determining how our universes came about. Well, they don't really say it explicitly but that's what I get from my very limited reading comprehension.

I'm not against discovering new things. However, until they can find something that I can really sink my teeth in to, I suggest that they should just lay it off and point all their huge, million-dollar telescopes up their asses.

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Aldion said...

i never though you are into these sort of stuff. hehehe :)