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I think I have a thing for writing. I call it "a thing" because most certainly, I ain't the Mr. Miyagi of writing but I believe that my wax-in-wax-out-writing skills are not that bad either. This is not about me having literary writing skills of epic proportions, NO. It's just that somehow I have a feeling that people take the things I write more seriously than the things that I say.

Like recently, I sent an email to this computer shop (let's just call the computer shop Thinking Tools, Inc. because that's the real name of the shop and getting them into trouble is that last thing on my mind right now... seriously) and the response was surprisingly overwhelming. You see, I bought an mp3 player from that shop. Unfortunately for me, the mp3 player decided to stop acting like one after using it for just two months (my hunch is that it wanted to be an iPod - nothing wrong with being gay). So I brought it back to have it repaired. The thing is, I've been a frequent visitor at that shop for the passed four months and every time I pay these guys a visit, they always have a ridiculous excuse that would - for them - justify why my mp3 player is not yet fixed. I tried asking them for details, and they just repeat what they've said earlier and then, look at me with those go-away-we-just-work-here look.

So last Friday, I sent them a tasty wax-in-wax-out email and wallah! My mp3 had been miraculously fixed, my warranty had also been miraculously extended AND according to their email, they'll also give me some sort of complementary gift.

I guess that's why I call it "a thing". It's not that extraordinary, but it certainly got my mp3 player fixed along with other nice perks. I was almost tempted to post the email on this blog but... err, maybe some other time.

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