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I've been thinking of going on a vacation because as far as I can remember, I've never gone on one since I started working. Which, to me is quite surprising now that I've actually thought about it (Yes, getting surprised at the things that pop up in my head is something that happens to me very often). I've been working here in Cebu for about seven years now and I'VE NEVER GONE ON VACATION.

You see, neither do I consider going out to the beach with the-sheeple-from-work nor going home to CDO as vacation. I've been routinely doing both every year. Don't get me wrong, going out with the-sheeple-from-work is fun and CDO is a very laid back place where you can relax. It's just that I'm talking about a different vacation.

I guess the vacation that I'm talking about is sort of like going somewhere nice and spend a couple of days doing nothing but eat, drink, meet new people, discover tiny little wow-thats-awesome facts about the place I'm in AAAAND... if I'm lucky, probably do a little - in Borat's terms - "Sexy Time". At least for a moment I get to get away from the "family issues" that's been hovering around back at home and the pressures of work and all the other shitty little inconveniencies that life has been offering me ever since I started wiping my own ass.

Yeah... I think going on a vacation would be really nice.

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