thought I'd drop by and poop a little blog post for entire Internet sheeple to marvel at

I happen to view the view-my-complete-profile link a couple of seconds ago because, apart from the fact that I pretty much have nothing interesting to do, my narcissistic tendencies started to kick in again, so... I just had to click the damn link and satisfy the urge and get on with my life. Surprisingly, the profile views caught my attention because it's currently six-hundred and sixty-six. Yeah, exactly... 6-6-6. The surprising part is not the number itself (obviously it's the mark of the beast, so yeah... this is a "sign" and let us all shudder in fear and run for our lives for the end of age has come... *blah* *blah* *blah*) but it's the fact that the view-my-complete-profile link was clicked six-hundred and sixty-six times already - the last view was my doing so that technically doesn't count - and what surprised me even more *ack* is the fact that I don't receive a lot of comments from my posts amidst the ample amount of profile views. So, I was thinking... maybe this just goes to prove my long standing theory that every sorry ass human being on this planet is judgmental by default (of course, since I don't want to be singled-out, THAT includes me). Could it be that people are more inclined to read profiles rather than blog posts? This is probably the reason why friendster, multiply, facebook, etc... are so popular.

Okay, after re-reading what I've just written, I've just realized that I wrote three "blah"'s and one "ack". What can I say, I am a LITERARY GENIUS! and I'm not even drunk.

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Anonymous said...

That means "daghan ka stalkers" :D